Treatment Update: The Next Round

As many of you know, I’ve been participating in a Phase I clinical trial for colon cancer at Georgetown University Hospital since November 2010. After nearly four months, Dr. Marshall and I have decided to leave the trial. The first two months should dramatic progress in reducing the cancer (December 20, 2010) but the most recent CT scan (February 17th) showed basically stability. The tumors are smaller than they were at the beginning, so it’s a net win, but we think we’ve got all we can out of it.

So for now, I’m returning to last summer’s approach of Xeloda+Avastin, plus an IV infusion of Oxaliplatin. Oxi was the heavy hitter I was on when I was first diagnosed and got great results out of it. We’re expecting further tumor reduction from the return to Oxi. Unfortunately Oxi can only be taken for limited amounts of time due to cumulative side effects (potential nerve damage in the hands and feet). Usually 8-12 doses are the max at any one time.

I’m hoping that the new treatment plan can continue to push the tumors back for a couple months until another clinical trial opens up at Georgetown. We just need to keep searching for the silver bullet.

Prayers appreciated.


One response to “Treatment Update: The Next Round

  1. Great post Dave. Even if you haven’t found the silver bullet yet, keep shootin!

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