Random Super Bowl Links/Thoughts

Congrats to the Packers on their win from this Steelers fan. They deserved it.

  • I know that the NFL has always gone for the militaristic patriotism angle, but it seemed really over-the-top this time. During that Michael Douglas promo video, I kept waiting for Tim Pawlenty to show up. Women’s suffrage! Civil Rights! Fighting Nazism! Packers and Steelers, next on Fox!
  • Can we agree to never let Dallas host a Super Bowl ever again? The city was unable to deal with snow (covering it with sand, really?), falling ice nearly killed some people, they were still installing seats two hours before the game in a failed attempt to set the NFL attendance record, and the turf injured several people in the first half (and unless I’m mistaken, it looked slippy and wet; isn’t that place indoors?). I’m afraid if Rick Perry gets elected president, Jerry Jones is going to be put in charge of FEMA.
  • “Despite all the injuries in the first half, Roger Goodell has decided to extend this game to 6 quarters.” (Bill Simmons on Twitter).
  • If the Packers receivers hold onto the ball, they win in a blowout. If the Steelers don’t commit three turnovers, they win.
  • Black Eyed Peas: catchy beats, horribly sung horrible lyrics, WTF choreography. Exactly as I expected.
  • The commercials were not as sexist against women as last year at least. WIN: VW Young Vader ad; Eminem’s “this is what we do” Chrysler ad; Bridgestone’s “Beaver” ad; Coke’s dragon and border guard spots; Doritos “grandpa lives” ad. FAIL: Doritos “torturing the dog” and “creepy finger-licking guy” ads; Eminem’s Lipton Brisk ad; Faith Hill’s “Teleflora” ad (ok, sexism isn’t dead, it’s just against men this time). HOLD ON A MINUTE: Wasn’t that John 3:16 ad banned? I’m not the only one who saw it, right? WHAT THE FAIL?: that crossdressing ad for a product I can’t even remember. JUST GO HOME: GoDaddy.
  • If I ever see another Glee “commercial for a commercial” spot I’m going to hurt somebody.
  • I’m sure I’m not the only Steelers fan who thought, “we’ve got the ball, two minutes to go, needing a touchdown, in the Super Bowl—We got this!.” That drive even began with a stupid offensive penalty too. Oh well, can’t win em all.


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