College Counties

I wanted to save this for my next Quick Links post, but it proved too interesting. The Chronicle of Higher Ed charts where the people with college degrees are. You can break the map down from 1940 to the present, and locate counties with high minority populations as well.

My ancestral homeland of New Jersey, and the whole Bos-Wash corridor in general, does really well in terms of percentage of persons with college degrees. The rich north-central counties of Morris, Hunterdon, and Somerset in New Jersey approach 50 percent of residents with college degrees. The suburbs of Washington, D.C., namely Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudon counties in Virginia and Montgomery county in Maryland, approach or exceed 60 percent. What surprised me was Colorado. Their middle counties are dark blue, indicating lots of college grads. Might that be the result of the concentration of military professionals in places like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs? It’s a deep blue outlier compared to the rest of middle America.

I’m surprised at the national average of only 27.5 percent of adults having college degrees. It seems terribly low to me, though that’s perhaps a symptom of a life lived mostly in the northeast. I’m used to the majority of adults having college degrees. Heck, here in D.C. masters degrees seem de rigueur.


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