We the Pizza, Me the Clueless

So tonight I got dinner at We The Pizza on Capital Hill, a new restaurant by Chef Spike Mendelsohn, the mind behind Good Stuff Eatery and a former Top Chef/Iron Chef contestant. Apparently I was in there with none other than First Lady Michelle Obama.

And I didn’t even know.

When I arrived it was a normal evening. Got my pizza and a seat on the second floor in the back and watched the latest episode of “As Brett Favre Turns” on ESPN. On my way out I had to step around a secret service guy wanding people on their way in. Only when I was out in the street and heard people whispering did I realize who was there. We were in the same 2nd floor dining room and I didn’t even know. I was too busy eating my pizza, drinking my custom cherry soda, and watching ESPN.

That does explain why a guy was hanging out by the men’s bathroom for the whole 45 minutes I was there though. 🙂

Update: The important part… We the Pizza has quality, though perhaps not earth-shattering NY style pizza. The custom sodas are cool. Kinda pricey as you’d expect for the Hill. Two slices (pepperoni and white) and custom Sour Cherry soda for $12.


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