Alert Sarah Palin

Newt Gingrich too while you’re at it. They’re both now opposing the construction of a “Ground Zero Mosque” several blocks away from World Trade Center Ground Zero. They should read Karl Born’s nice ITA open letter to conservatives on the subject. Apparently freedom of worship, private property rights, and federalism (the local planning board approved construction overwhelmingly) are no longer conservative values. Neither apparently is making the distinction between average freedom-loving American Muslims and an Afghanistan-based terror organization. President Bush was at least careful enough to make that distinction after 9/11 and there was less anti-Muslim violence than expected. Palin and Gingrich aren’t being that judicious. At least New York is “Real America” again now, which this lifelong East Coaster appreciates. Hopefully that will last beyond the next election when the liberal-er candidate wins.

Meanwhile, Conor Friedersdorf asks, won’t someone please think of the Ground Zero Strip Clubs? Heh.


One response to “Alert Sarah Palin

  1. Sarah palin is a great politician and she is a hard liner too in my opinion. :

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