Cancer Diary: Mixed Nuts

Just a quick note on the results from my mid-June scans. My liver continues to get better–the tumors are still shrinking. Unfortunately, a previously inactive tumor in my lungs has started to grow and was joined by two friends. The mixed results aren’t entirely unexpected as my CEA has risen in recent weeks, but they’re still disappointing. But there’s no immediate need to panic. Dr. Marshall has doubled my dose of Avastin and increased the Xeloda by a third in the hopes of getting it under control again without having to go back to FOLFOX. We’ll scan again in September.

If you’re wondering how I’m feeling, the answer is fine. Honestly, the medicine is more bothersome than the cancer is. My habitual lateness for work has reached comical levels and I carry Imodium with me wherever I go, but I’m not prevented physically from doing anything I want to do. To this point, the mental is far more challenging than the physical, and I could write volumes on that.


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