Do As We Say or Else the Presidency Gets It

Let the record show that it took a Maureen Dowd column for me to find an issue where I sympathize with Barack Obama completely. Dowd’s column on the administration’s relationship with the Washington press can be summed up like this:

Joe Biden throws beach parties for us (the press). But don’t worry, we the press can remain objective. And objectively speaking, Joe Biden is awesome.

Barack Obama is professional but cold with the media. Sometimes he hurts our feelings when he doesn’t play by our rules. BTW, Obama’s presidency is failing.

The column includes this telling quote from Jonathan Alter:

But [Obama] doesn’t take his own advice when it comes to the media. Obama refuses to deal with the media world as it is. He’s holding out for the media world that he wants. But that will never be. That disdainful attitude toward 24-hour cable culture is slowing his political reflexes. We’re seeing that in the oil spill. I don’t think it’s personal with him. It’s not that he despises reporters as human beings, like Nixon. He does scores of interviews and he doesn’t rage behind closed doors. But if he doesn’t make more concessions to Washington as it is, he’s going to hurt his presidency.”

Pander to “Washington as it is” or they’ll make sure your stay is a short one. Lovely.


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