Cancer Diary: Angiogenesis

I’ve had a habit of linking to TED talks here on this blog. For example, Mythbusters’ Adam Savage and new British Prime Minister David Cameron. Here’s an interesting one by Dr. William Li on a new approach to fighting cancer: anti-angiogenesis treatments. The talk is about 20 minutes.

Angiogenesis is how cells create blood vessels to feed themselves. Most people have tumor cells in their body, but only when those cells mutate and gain the ability to feed themselves do they start to cause problems. New drugs, like the Avastin that I’m on, attack a cancer cell’s angiogenesis abilities. Anti-angiogenesis drugs prevent cancer from being able to build blood vessels, essentially starving the tumor cell. Dr. Li here reveals that certain elements in our diets, like the resveratrol in red wine, have anti-angiogenesis properties that may help prevent cancer growth. Another reason to clean up your diet.


One response to “Cancer Diary: Angiogenesis

  1. Barbara Darlington

    This was a VERY interesting lecture. It’s certainly something to think about. I also saw MS on the list of deseases. I guess I’ll go out and buy a bottle of RED WINE!!!

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