Cancer Diary: End of Act I

Ok, so I’m like a month behind on the updates. Fortunately, no news is good news. My most recent CT scan at the end of March showed no new tumors, and all the tumors we’re aware of have shrunk.

Because of this good news, I was able to switch from the traditional colorectal cancer chemotherapy–called FOLFOX–to a much easier-on-the-body pill-based treatment called Xeloda. Two pills twice a day every day except weekends. After a rough start where I got sick for a couple days, Xeloda has been easy and there have been no side effects. I’m still seeing my oncologist every three weeks for a checkup and quick infusion of Avastin and am scheduled for new CT scans every three months.

So for now, the cancer is being controlled by chemo. The tumors are not growing and my CEA number is actually down into “normal person” range. My long-term prospects are still quite iffy because I’m not (yet, we hope) a candidate for liver surgery, but so far so good. Your continued prayers and kind thoughts are still appreciated.


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