Much Ado About Tebow

Now that the Super Bowl is over (go Saints!), can we talk about the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad? Listening to the critics the past two weeks, you would have expected a super provocative anti-abortion spot. Instead, we get a cutesy spot that sold precisely two things: (1) motherhood and (2) Tim Tebow. Abortion isn’t even mentioned; Mom Tebow doesn’t even say something like “I had to make a choice, and I chose to keep Timmy.” She just talked about how difficult her pregnancy was. The old Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation “Life: What a Beautiful Choice” ads were edgier. Frankly, I think the most controversial part of the Tebow ad was the Focus on the Family tag at the end. The manufactured controversy over this ad, which probably was related to CBS’s rejection of a sitcom-y ad for a gay dating site (hands meet in bowl of chips, making out ensues), seems out of proportion to what actually appeared on television.

Also, GoDaddy just needs to Go. Enough teasing already.


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