My Cancer Story (so far) III: Test Results

Just a brief note to let you all know how my test results went on Tuesday. Basically, my doctor was pleased with my results. My CEA number has dropped 90 percent since we started, which means there is less cancer in my system. My liver has shrunk some, and my bloodwork looks decent. Also, there’s no cancer in my lungs.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen much shrinkage of the tumors in my liver. My doctor thinks this is in part because my original scans were 6 weeks old before I even started treatment, so I probably had some growth in the meantime. On the positive side, some of the tumors are looking sickly thanks to the Avastin I’m on–they’re being starved of blood–so hopefully we’ll see some more movement when we scan after cycle #8.

That’s the plan right now. Eight cycles and then scan again. I’m still recovering from #5 last Tuesday.


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