Prayers in the New Year

Michael Spencer, also known as the Internet Monk, has been a regular blog read of mine for years and I’ve linked him numerous times here. He gained attention in the wider media earlier this year for his influential article in the Christian Science Monitor about “The Coming Evangelical Collapse.” This article resulted in a book deal, due out in 2010.

The iMonk seemed to be blowing up in 2009, which made it odd when he altogether disappeared from his blog after Thanksgiving. He’s had a host of excellent guest writers but we didn’t hear from iMonk himself. Now we know why–he’s been diagnosed with colorectal cancer, joining Jollyblogger David Wayne and yours truly. And reading through the posts at iMonk’s group blog, the Boars Head Tavern, Spencer seems to have been quite sick before he was finally diagnosed.

So prayers for Michael Spencer and his family in the new year would be appreciated. And if I may be so bold, I’m praying for his quick return to the blogosphere so I can once again read his unique perspective on modern day Christianity and, perhaps, living with a potentially fatal disease.


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