The Pryce of Freedom

I'm a Pryce BirtherI went to see G.I. Joe on Saturday. It’s about what you’d expect from a movie based on action figures. Attractive people blowing lots of stuff up. Great special effects, but not much in the way of plot or memorable lines (except of course for “knowing is half the battle” 🙂 ). The only real surprise in the film is the actor behind the Doctor/Cobra Commander mask. He is fantastic and unrecognizable in character. Anyway, I went in with low expectations and had a good time. If you liked Transformers, you’d probably enjoy it.

At one point I got an unexpected chuckle though: in a cameo role Jonathan Pryce plays the president of the United States. Welch-born Jonathan Pryce from Ronin, Tomorrow Never Dies, and Pirates of the Caribbean. You couldn’t get a more obviously Euro president unless you voted for President Connery.

I wonder if the wingnuts will ask for his birth certificate.


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