Front Porch Republic

One of the new blogs that I’ve been reading recently is called Front Porch Republic. It’s “conservative,” but not the kind of conservatism that currently defines the GOP, which is unappealing these days. Their older kind of conservatism speaks to the historian in me, as it’s based on place, tradition, simplicity, and humility, rather than neoconservative hubris. It’s a conservatism that has a place for thoughtful liberal writers who appreciate the natural world and mankind’s impact on it, like James Howard Kunstler and Michael Pollan. Plus it has great writers:

The quality of our life depends to a great extent on the quality of our love. The quality of our love depends on the attention we give to other human beings and to our natural surroundings. Attention is not only a sign or expression of love. In an important way, it is the very substance of love, a central part of the very practice of loving. By receptive attention, we make space in ourselves for the presence of something or someone else. If we do not do this, we do not love.

This from an essay on why the writer does not own a television. Check out Front Porch Republic, now added to my sidebar.


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