Granite Countertops are the Enemy

I loved this rant from blogger John Cole:

You know who probably deserves some scorn but isn’t receiving it?


How many episodes of House Hunters or Property Virgins or whatever the show du jour was at the time did they have with twenty-somethings, just out of college, touring houses and turning them down because they only had two bathrooms or there was only one sink in the guest bathroom or because there was not enough light in the dining room or because the cabinets were not nice enough in the 400 square foot kitchen or, well, you get the point.

I would support congress passing a law requiring HGTV to go back and show us where all those idiots who had to have a $400k house right out of college are now. Here are Jim and Laura, who just out of undergrad had to have this $375k brownstone with sunlights and a second story porch. They now live in his mother’s basement. That would make for some great tv.

I regard those “flip my house” and “house hunting with childless GenXers” shows from 2005 more as a symptom than as a cause of our housing-led economic malaise, but they do look ridiculous in hindsight. They seem so far removed from today that they might as well have been recorded 20 years ago.

Then again, you can do some wonderfully nice things with mom’s basement…


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