In Other News

Taking a break from bailout news, here are some bits from the education arena:

  • An evangelical megachurch in suburban Atlanta has won accreditation, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. 25 students who took classes at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA will receive degrees in criminal justice, hospitality, and business administration from North Carolina Central University. The university had failed to notify a regional accreditor that some of its students were taking classes 400 miles away.
  • Soda bans in school do little to improve childhood health. Thanks nanny state.
  • Via Lifehacker, here are 77 books that a person can read to give themselves the equivalent of an MBA. This “personal MBA” is an interesting idea. B-school is largely about personal networking, so you’ll miss that, but at least you’ll get the book learning part of it. And if you can get your hands on some church letterhead…
  • Conservatives go highbrow in trying to make inroads on campus.


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