We Are a Better Country than This

That’s the phrase this disaffected Republican needed to hear from Barack Obama last night — “we are a better country than this” — and he said it. From exploding deficits, to torture and spying, to Hurricane Katrina, to taking too long to figure out Iraq, to general belligerence on the world stage, the past eight years have brought more disappointment than satisfaction. I want small government and I want good government where it is necessary, and the administration usually has brought neither. And while Barack Obama won’t deliver the former, who knows about the latter? Meanwhile, John McCain is behaving more and more like an administration figure — flip flopping on torture, tax cuts, and drilling to more Bush-friendly positions, and adopting the “big election about small things” campaign tactics of candidates past (flag pins, tire pumps, and other juvenility) — and I must admit I’ve lost much of my affection for him.

So do I vote for the celebrity I disagree with or for more of the same which I’m sick of? I gave my money to McCain in the primaries, but he’s got to demonstrate now that he knows the GOP needs to change for the better. He needs to bring back some of that old Maverick magic, but I’m not convinced he has it anymore.


One response to “We Are a Better Country than This

  1. Every time you start to feel that way stop and ask yourself :

    1) What did Obama actually say behind the wonderful rhetoric?

    2) How is planning on accomplishing it as President?

    3) How is it going to be paid for?

    Of course please do the same thing – minus the wonderful rhetoric reference – for everything that McCain says as well.

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