Things You Discover on Your Lunch Break

One of the cool parts of working in Washington, D.C. is all the monuments hidden in plain sight. For example, I took a walk on my lunch break today and discovered Lincoln Park, a delightful little square on Capitol Hill. This green open space about a block wide and two blocks long has benches and trees (no water unfortunately) and two statues. The first is a larger-than-life statue of black heroine Mary McLeod Bethune. The other is the first Lincoln memorial in the city, erected in 1876 (the other one was dedicated in 1922). The Emancipation Memorial was funded by freedmen and depicts Lincoln reading the Emancipation Proclamation while standing over a slave, shackled and crouching at his feet. The imagery is considered un-P.C. by some these days, but I thought it was pretty cool.


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