Shout to Whom Exactly?

This clip comes from the “Idol Gives Back” episode of American Idol, broadcast earlier this week. It’s the remaining Idol contestants singing “Shout to the Lord” to close the show.

What’s wrong with this clip? Well, as anyone who’s gone to an evangelical church once in the past 15 years can tell you, someone excised the name Jesus from the first lines of both verses. It’s an odd change, obviously not just done for time. Did an Idol contestant object? Was Fox concerned about broadcasting an overtly Christian song? It’s still an obviously religious song — even in its denuded state, no one is going to confuse this with one of those “Jesus is my boyfriend” praise songs that curse the church these days. For all the garbage Fox does broadcast, I find it hard to believe that the network got squeamish about the evangelical musical standard of the 1990s because “Jesus” appears twice.

Stylistically, it’s a good tribute to the original. I personally prefer it a bit faster though. This song can drag when you’re performing it.


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