What Would Alex P. Keaton Do?

Gary David Goldberg on who 1980’s Republican icon Alex P. Keaton (as played by Michael J. Fox on Family Ties) would support in this year’s election. Good stuff. Would Keaton back Ron Paul’s vision, Mike Huckabee’s campaign to end the IRS, or John McCain’s straight talk? Or would he say “Yes We Can” to Barack Obama?

How old would Alex P. Keaton be these days anyway? The conservatism that Goldberg applies to Keaton–favoring limited government and personal liberty, government accountability and competency, and a scientific approach to problems (as opposed to ideological)–is virtually non-existent in today’s GOP. They could use his help.

UPDATE: I did not know this, but according to Wikipedia, Alex P. Keaton grew up to be a Republican senator from Ohio, as referenced in Michael J. Fox’s later show, Spin City.


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