High School Cheerleader Pundits

I should know better by now, but I was shocked last night at the open derision offered by the MSNBC political commentators towards GOP presidential hopeful John McCain. Not that I expect an Arthur Schlesinger level of erudition from the modern pundit class, but Chris Matthews and company’s response to McCain’s victory and subsequent speech was downright shameful. Working without a transcript, I recall it went a little something like this:

Sen. John McCain: “God bless you friends, and God bless America!”
Keith Olbermann: “McCain, you stink!”
Joe Scarborough: “Can’t you wait until he’s off the stage first?”
Olbermann: “McCain stinks, and so did that speech.”
Chris Matthews: “Srsly, I think like every McCain adviser wrote one paragraph.”
Olbermann: “LOL!”
Howard Fineman: “For reals, he stuttered like three times during that speech. How does he expect to go to the prom get elected sounding like that?”
Matthews: “Woot!”
Olbermann: “Srsly”
Fineman, Matthews, Olbermann: “LOSER!” All three make an “L” sign on their foreheads. Scarborough rolls his eyes.


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