It’s not often you’ll find me quoting Frank Rich with approval, but this is good:

What felt good [about the results in Iowa] was not merely the improbable and historic political triumph of an African-American candidate carrying a state with a black population of under 3 percent. It was the palpable sense that our history was turning a page whether or not Mr. Obama or his doppelganger in improbability, Mike Huckabee, end up in the White House. We could allow ourselves a big what-if: What if we could have an election that was not a referendum on either the Clinton or Bush presidencies? For the first time, we found ourselves on that long-awaited bridge to the 21st century, the one that was blown up in the ninth month of the new millennium’s maiden year.

Think about it. 2008 might be the first time since 1984 we don’t have a Clinton or Bush at the top of either ticket. That’s an undeniably good thing.


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