Libraries Rule

I’m a bibliophile, I admit it. I have a large personal library and a nearly-as-large collection of “books to be read” piled high on my bedroom floor. I’m one of those people who can’t go into Barnes & Noble without buying a book, even though I know that I have at least a year backlog sitting at home. Along those lines, I’m someone who can’t just read one book by an author. If I discover a new author I like—such as Donald Miller this summer—I can’t just read one book from his library, I have to read the whole library.

This is incredibly wasteful and I know it. As I’ve said recently, I’ve been very convicted this year about my wastefulness and personal finances. And the answer has been in front of my face the whole time: the public library. This shouldn’t have been the revelation that it was, considering I worked in libraries throughout high school, but like most young adults my library card had been collecting dust for over two years. Since 90 percent of the time I’ll read a book only once, libraries just make sense. During vacation back in September, I resolved not to buy any more books for myself this year, and, despite some serious temptations, so far so good. My bibliophilia is in remission.

Get Rich Slowly on the joys of public libraries.


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