RIP: Toucan Sam

Saturday morning used to be the time where children watched cartoon shows, and where cartoon characters pitched them high-sugar cereals which made them hyper in the short run (to the dismay of parents everywhere) and fat in the long run. It looks like that era is ending, however. The Kellogg Company announced this week that they will no longer use Toucan Sam in television marketing to kids under 12. Kellogg is under pressure from the professional killjoys at the Center for Science in the Public Interest to change its recipes and its approach to children’s marketing. Fruit Loops’ Toucan Sam and Rice Crispies’ Snap, Crackle, and Pop got the axe because both products were deemed not healthy enough under Kellogg’s new standards for fat, sodium, sugar, and calories. The characters remain on their respective boxes for now, but will disappear from television until Kellogg decides to change the cereals.

Give me a moment to pour out a bowl crazy-colored milk for that fine bird. Hat tip.


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