How is a Gift Card Like a Dodger Dog?

This little bit comes via my brother: The Los Angeles Times reported on Thursday that the Los Angeles Dodgers are doing away with the $10 right field bleacher seats in the upcoming baseball season. Instead, for $35 prior to the game, or $40 on game day, fans will be able to purchase the same seats plus all the ballpark concessions they can eat. That means hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, peanuts, or whatever. The plan seems like a great way to get fans to sample more ballpark food, as well as line the pockets of the Dodgers organization. Subtracting the old ticket price of $10, each ticket holder starts in a $25-30 hole that they must eat their way out of if they don’t want to give the Dodgers free money (which is not justified considering how the team has played in recent years).

I’ve seen prices of $4.50-$6.75 for ballpark hotdogs (have you ever been to Shea?). A fan would therefore have to consume 4-6 foot-long Dodger Dogs just to break even on the deal. Does that sound like a lot?

Nah, it sounds like a challenge.


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