The GOP Does Daisy

The Republicans’ new campaign ad featuring Osama bin Laden is generating a lot of buzz. Evoking memories of the infamous “Daisy” ad designed by Bill Moyers for Lyndon Johnson’s 1964 campaign, the new ad, which appeared on the RNC web site a few days ago and is scheduled to appear on cable news networks, tells us that “the stakes” in the upcoming election are possible terror strikes on American soil if one doesn’t vote the right way. I’m not a fan of the ad because, like “Daisy,” it’s about as subtle as a kick in the groin. Will it succeed in getting out the vote? What does it say about the RNC’s expectations for November if they have to run something so stark, and, some would say, fear-invoking? You can watch the ad by clicking below.

UPDATE: Over at ITA, reader Balta claims that the GOP spent only $20,000 on the ad and only officially ran it once, wanting to make it as controversial as possible so that news programs would play it over and over for free. If that’s the case, it’s more like Daisy than even I realized, as the original Daisy appeared only once during regular programming as well.


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