Hurricane Pelosi

Is this Jonah Goldberg column the equivalent of boarding up the windows and hoarding the canned goods for the GOP? Calling a Democratic take over of the House “possible, if not probable,” Goldberg argues how it could be a boon for the conservative cause, as a Democratic House (and possibly Senate) would undoubtedly reign in an out-of-control executive branch, both fiscally and perhaps legally, as well as force the Democrats to do something other than criticize the president. It’s one thing to harp on one’s opponent when out of power, it’s another entirely to have to do something about it when in power. In other words, Goldberg argues a huge 2006 for the Democrats could mean smaller returns in 2008, as voters might not like what they see out of the party.

Generally you’d expect a bit more optimism from National Review and other standard bearers of the conservative cause. Aren’t conservatives supposed to carry the image of Reagan, with his cheery smile and laugh in the face of any danger? If NRO is calling a Democratic take-over in November “probable” (and seemingly resigned to the fact and looking for the silver lining), instead of trying to rally the troops against Pelosi, et al., one has to wonder how bad it will really be for the president and the GOP.


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