Getting Back to It

Thanks to Seth for his comments on isolation, place, and eccelsia (welcome aboard too!). I planned my own thoughts on community, isolation, and the church, and how evangelical churches (especially the “postmodern” ones) are always advertising themselves as “authentic communities,” which I will get to shortly. While digesting these issues, however, I came across this article on “Practicing the Discipline of Place” from the online journal The New Pantagruel. The author, Caleb Stegall, was, if you’ll recall, one of the participants of NRO’s Crunchy Con blog from earlier this year. He was one of the crunchy con “true believers” that often spoke up in Rod’s defense.

Stegall spends a lot of time ragging on mobility, which is something Josh and I noticed as well in our first comments on the subject. Is the unavoidable physical component of relationships tied to “place” that factor which makes them seem more concrete?


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