Four More Years?

Here’s a great question from Red State: If George W. Bush were eligible for a third term, would you support him in the 2008 primary? Mark Byron answers with qualified yes, citing Bush’s experience, relative youth, and general weakness in the potential GOP alternatives.

I’m more inclined to answer in the negative myself. The tremendous heat the administration has been under is clearly taking its toll, and a fresh face might be exactly what the country (and the party) needs. I don’t see the administration’s approval rating ever getting back over 50 percent barring an unprecedented shift in media coverage and perhaps a near total administrative housecleaning (Rumsfeld, Cheney, etc.). Fairly or unfairly, several administration figures are carrying public relations baggage, which is quite difficult to get rid of (liberal or conservative, the media loves to peg people with labels and hates changing them). However, I do share Mark’s concern about the relative unattractiveness of the more well known GOP alternatives. If the party were to dump the president in a hypothetical third time around, to whom would the GOP go?


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