Red America

Several years ago, when I first started reading blogs, there were three young conservative bloggers that I read most often. The first was ITA’s own Josh Claybourn. The second was Patrick Ruffini, who at last report works for the RNC and has all but ceased blogging. The third was Ben Domenech, who too disappeared for a while, but is now back blogging at Red America, a new venture under the auspices of the Washington Post. Seeing his familiar face at the Post is a victory for both young conservatives and bloggers. Good luck in the new digs, Ben.


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  1. Ok, now I feel aweful. I was a big fan of Ben’s work, but if his plagarism is as widespread as it appears, then stepping down is the right thing to do.

    A writer’s words are his own and sacrosanct. We bloggers frequently skirt the line of plagarism with our extensive blockquoting and rephrasing and tearing apart other’s arguments, but it seems Ben went further than that, using other’s words for published articles in his college paper and at NRO. That is just wrong for a writer to do. Hopefully Ben learns from this and moves on.