Crunching the Numbers

While he doesn’t exactly give us a review of Rod Dreher’s Crunchy Cons (which sits on my bookshelf, ready to be read in the next week or two), The Washington Examiner‘s Patrick W. Gavin does make a valid point about political books and political discourse in general. The undying binary depiction of American politics–red/blue, liberal/conservative, crunchy/mainstream–serves to create stereotypes and sell books, but is not an accurate portrayal of American political life. Most Americans, he says, are politically pragmatic and unconcerned with politics during their day to day lives. In fact, if a book came out describing accurately how most Americans view politics–uninteresting but something you have to muddle through every 2 to 4 years–it wouldn’t sell at all. For most people, the personal isn’t political–but that doesn’t move copies off the shelves.


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