Senate Seekers Wanted

Here’s a little online game for politics junkies: Senate Seeker. My brother introduced me to it a couple months ago. Here you create a fake candidate and run him or her for House or Senate. Elections are held every Thursday night. If you win a Senate seat, you get to propose bills and vote on bills proposed by other players (the game is a public beta, soon to be reset, and House members don’t yet have the ability to propose bills yet). Sitting Senators also get to run for President. The game ain’t perfect–in fact, it’s a still bit buggy–but it’s a decent time waster. Anyway, check it out if you’re interested in that sort of thing. And look out for that maverick Republican senator from New Jersey.

Speaking of Republicans, the reason I bring this up is that the game has a serious lack of Republicans right now (apparently it has been featured on some prominent liberal blogs). The Dems control the Senate 60-24 (with third parties taking the rest) and possess a similar margin in the House. It’s a bit lonely on this side of the aisle, so readers are invited to join in the fun and help us even the odds.


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