Born this Happy Morning

“The culture wars are curiously misaligned with the worship wars. Evangelicals are firmly entrenched on the right in the former. But in the latter, they are far to the left even of mainline Protestants, who have some remnant sensitivity to correct forms and worship propriety (and who will conduct worship on Christmas morning). In other words, conservative Protestants passionately battle relativism for six days of the week only after fervently practicing it on the first day. This is the real story behind the Christmas closings of 2005. Evangelicals are politically conscious and liturgically indifferent, and so it becomes far more important to protest loudly in the public square to preserve their rights than actually to exercise them quietly in the sanctuary, on the day that the Lord has prescribed in his Word.” John Muether, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando.

Like I said below, if your church already has low regard for the liturgical calendar and other traditional Christian practices, it’s a lot easier to cancel worship on Christmas morning.


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