Red Times in NYC

First posted at In The Agora.

In the bluest city in arguably the bluest state in the nation, a Republican candidate is set to win the mayor’s race for the fourth consecutive election. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has held a commanding lead over Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer all summer, the lead reaching its apex at 28 points (60%-32%) after the subway terrorism scare last week. Conservative party candidate Thomas Ognibene gets just 1 percent. Say what you will about the (lack of) conservative bona fides in Rudy Giuliani and Bloomberg especially, this winning streak is impressive considering lesser Republican candidates in urban America sink just by virtue of having that little “R” next to their name. Giuliani proved that strong law enforcement with a focus on lesser crimes and quality of life issues (“broken windows” law enforcement) can win in urban America. Ferrer is so far back of Bloomberg at this point that his campaign funds are drying up.


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