A Good Man is Hard to Find

Especially here in Washington, DC. And we just lost another one as DC Mayor Anthony Williams declined to run for a third term in office. The bow-tied Democrat brought an air of competence and respectability to the city’s government, after years of corrupt bureaucrats and clowns (you know who!). He modernized the city’s government and attracted development to the downtown area and to neighborhoods across the city, supported revitalization of crumbling parts of the city (such as Anacostia), and, as his crowning achievement, brought baseball back to DC. He wasn’t perfect—he was forced to run for re-election as a write-in candidate because his ballot petitions had too many fraudulent or improperly-collected signatures—but he was a step up from anything this city’s ever seen. He will be missed. The five candidates (including Linda Cropp) already competing to replace him, have big shoes to fill, and frankly none of them measure up so far.

I think Anthony Williams is the closest DC will ever get to electing a Republican to office. He even supported school vouchers for city residents.


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