Swann Going Deep

Former Pittsburgh Steelers great Lynn Swann is making an impression doing the political rounds in Pennsylvania. He even earned five-page front page article on ESPN.com. Swann is a registered Republican and is making serious eyes towards running for the Pennsylvania governorship next year. He is currently polling even with announced candidate Bill Scranton and is within five points of incumbent governor Ed Rendell in a potential head-to-head race. The Swann movement is short on specifics at the moment, but his celebrity status and charismatic personality is drawing crowds wherever he goes. Swann is expected to make an official candidacy announcement sometime early next year.

With Ken Blackwell in Ohio, Michael Steele in Maryland, and now Lynn Swann in Pennsylvania, it looks like the GOP is going to have a bumper crop of qualifed, charismatic African American candidates in 2006.


0 responses to “Swann Going Deep

  1. You can add Keith Butler in MIchigan, who’ll have a decent shot of unseating Debbie Stabinow.

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