I’m Thinking Something Else, Frankly

DC Councilwoman Linda Cropp, whose last-minute grandstanding of the city’s baseball stadium deal nearly cost DC the Nationals, has announced her candidacy for city mayor. Think Cropp! signs are already littering Capitol Hill neighborhoods. DC’s mayoral elections are scheduled for 2006.

Late last year, Cropp blocked a vote on a deal between MLB and the city, hoping to extract more concessions from baseball, after she had already given word to Mayor Anthony Williams that she would support the deal he negotiated. This backstabbing maneuver caused the MLB to stop selling season tickets and Nationals merchandise for several weeks while city leaders scrambled to put a new deal together before the end of 2004. Fortunately for all involved, Anthony Williams and baseball were able to come to a new agreement and bring the Nationals to DC for this season. Cropp is clearly counting on those who supported DC baseball to give her an “all is forgiven” since the Nationals came anyway (with some of the concessions Cropp demanded, to be fair) and are enjoying a fine season with strong public support. I for one hope the city’s voters don’t reward this kind of grandstanding and cast their votes elsewhere.


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