George Allen Gives Pat Some Pork

Rev. Pat Robertson has been in the news this week for his ridiculous call to assassinate the democratically-elected leader of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. Receiving less notice is the story that some big name GOP lawmakers threw some pork Pat’s way as a part of the recently-passed $286 billion transportation bill. Virginia Senator George Allen, along with Congresspersons Thelma Drake and J. Randy Forbes helped secure a $10.8 million for an exit off of I-64 to a road that doesn’t exist. The nonexistent City Line Road in Hampton Roads, Virginia is where Pat Robertson plans to build a $300 million collection of houses, shops, and offices. According to the Virginian-Pilot article, Allen, Drake, and Forbes have received $16,000 in donations from Robertson since 2002.

This is how far the GOP has fallen from “fiscal responsibility:” it’s spending federal tax dollars to build interchanges for nonexistent roads to help out a televangelist’s real estate investment. Shame on you guys.

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