Who’s Your Guy?

Patrick Ruffini has another 2008 Presidential straw poll out. This one has all the major names plus a bunch of fantasy candidates. Go vote and generate some buzz for your guy!

One of the cool features of this poll is that Patrick is even tracking results by blog. Everyone who votes in this poll by clicking on the link above will be identified with this site, so I can see how all my readers (all three of you!) line up politically. Pretty neat.

UPDATE (8/26): The results are in. The winner is Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! With sophisticated analysis by Ruffini as usual. For me, the most telling fact is that Giuliani maintained his support no matter who was in the race, while the runner-up, George Allen, dropped considerably when some of the fantasy candidates (Condi, Jeb, Fred Thompson, Dick Cheney) are added. What this suggests is that conservatives are still trying to find their guy, while moderates and those voting on name recognition have already found theirs in Rudy.


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