George Allen Does it the Old Fashioned Way

My senator, George Allen, is on many people’s sleeper list for 2008 presidential contenders. One of the reasons for that is he’s collecting chits and IOUs the old fashioned way from his GOP friends. For his hard work supporting Senate candidates in 2004 (which resulted in four new GOP seats and the defeat of Tom Daschle), those he has supported are returning the favor with cash. Allen is rapidly collecting campaign donations for his 2006 re-election bid, where is he so far unopposed (and the only one who can really challenge him is Mark Warner). He has raised $4.5 million as of June 30, and has a reported war chest of over $5 million. Allen has so far remained coy about running for president in 2008, but the IOUs he’s collected, his fundraising abilities, and the fact that he’s a solid conservative compared to other frontrunners (McCain, Giuliani), have generated a bit of buzz on the internet. We’ll know for certain what his intentions are after next year’s election.


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