Stock Footage!

Here’s one of those silly political stories. In the New Jersey GOP gubernatorial primary, candidate Bret Schundler, who is in a dead heat with Doug Forrester heading into tomorrow’s election, has got himself into a little hot water over some campaign imagery. Not an attack ad, mind you. No, at issue is an image on Schundler’s web site, which shows the GOP hopeful standing in front of an adoring crowd—for Howard Dean. Here’s the photographic evidence. Schundler’s media company apparently recycled a photograph taken at a 2004 Dean rally and superimposed Schundler’s image on it, while also Photoshopping a hat worn by a young woman in the crowd, as well as a poster. The media company, Washington, D.C.-based Big Fish, worked for Dean’s campaign last year.

While Big Fish is to blame for the screw-up, this is a slight embarrassment for the Schundler campaign, who are cash-strapped compared to Doug Forrester. Still, the race is too close to call. Schundler had been down by as many as 11 points heading into last night’s debate, but appears to have closed the gap. Polls open tomorrow.


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