Not Our Rivals!

As much as Duke fans want to deny it, the University of Maryland men’s basketball team is a legitmate rival, especially after its win over the Blue Devils, 99-92 on Saturday night. Maryland swept the season series against Duke, and has now won three in a row including a victory in the ACC Conference Tournament last season. The Cameron Crazies, who are overrated, taunted Maryland with the chant “Not Our Rivals” when the Terps visited (and won) a couple weeks ago. In one sense, they are right. A rivalry usually implies some sort of balance. Maryland has won three in a row and has wins against Duke in each of the last 5 seasons. But if that’s the measure, Duke-UNC is hardly a rivalry anymore because Duke has won something like 14 of 16. No, I think a rivalry implies a deep animosity between the two teams. Maryland certainly feels it, and if Duke doesn’t, they’d better soon, otherwise Maryland will keep on beating their sorry squad.


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