What’s the Reason?

I guess that’s the big guestion. Fame certainly isn’t the answer, given that Technorati has the number of blogs in the world at 6.5 million and rising. No, I think the reason for this new blog to exist can be summed up in one word: discipline.

Writing and reading are skills that, like any skills, get better with exercise. Not too long ago in grad school, I read 600–1,000 pages a week and could write 15-page papers over a weekend. Last year I only read five books that I can remember. Reading is a discipline I’d like to get back, and I hope this new blog can help by providing a forum for commenting on what I’ve learned. This is not going to be a daily news blog and neither is it going to be an uber-personal “look what my cat threw up today” blog. I’ll throw in my two cents on the political issues of day of course, but that won’t be this blog’s main focus, and besides, there are people who can do it much better than I can (they’ll eventually join The Corner on the sidebar when I get around to it). Instead, this blog’s focus will meander a bit, covering politics, history, religion, sports, or any issue that’s hot for a while. Let’s get started, shall we?

Yeah, I still need a name too.


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